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Whole System Demand and
Capacity Modelling

Effective change management relies on clear supporting evidence provided by a population health, data-driven demonstration of dynamic factors such as demand, activity, changes in service models, performance and capacity. B+A’s team use a variety of tools to analyse historic activity, plan for future demand and model the system wide service and capacity impact, providing an audit trail that supports change proposals.

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Workforce considerations are an essential element in planning improved services, either linked to, or independent of capital solutions. B+A has the expertise to support your teams in reviewing and planning for future workforce requirements that support future models of care.

B+A have a tried-and-tested approach to planning and delivering the Option Appraisal process which is compliant with the latest capital planning guidance (including the Scottish Capital Investment Manual) to facilitate NHS Boards and Trusts to reach a preferred solution. We also have extensive experience in supporting effective and engaging public consultation processes, ensuring stakeholders are well-informed of both the process and outcomes.

(Includes Capacity planning, Analytics, Workforce planning, Options appraisal)

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