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Our Policies

As a responsible and ethical organisation committed to best practice, B+A takes its social and environmental impact seriously. This page provides access to our key policies and plans, which outline our approach to various aspects of our business conduct. 


We encourage you to review these policies to gain a deeper understanding of our commitment to transparency and responsible business practices. Please note this website is still under construction. If you require a copy of these policies while this page is under construction please contact us and request a copy.

The following policies and plans will be available:

Environmental, Social and Governance Commitments

Modern Slavery statement

At B+A, we are committed to eliminating acts of modern-day slavery and human trafficking within our business and from within our supply chains.

Carbon reduction Plan

Our Carbon Reduction Plan outlines our commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint. It details our current emissions and our ongoing strategy to reduce them, aiming to contribute to a more sustainable future

Social Value Proposition

Social Value Case studies

Our Social Value statement details how we strive to create positive social impact beyond just profit. It outlines our commitment to supporting the communities we work in, fostering fair working practices, and promoting positive change within the health and social care sector. We believe that contributing to social good is an essential part of being a responsible business.

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