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NHS Lothian - Whole system bed modelling


NHS Lothian




Oct 2023 - Present

B+A have been working with NHS Lothian and the four Health & Social Care Partnerships to develop a whole system bed model, including all commissioned inpatient beds across NHS and social care environments.

Scenarios are being developed to  understand the demand over the next 5, 10, 15 & 20 years and to establish a range of planning assumptions which could impact on inpatient bed requirements.


Essential streams of work

Some of the key elements and approaches used in delivering this work


System-wide capacity projections based on a clear evidence base, audit trail and agreed and documented set of assumptions 

Facilitated workshops

Engagement with a wide range of stakeholders across Acute sites, Health and Social Care partnerships, and Mental Health teams to achieve consensus on scenario planning.

Governance and reporting

Regular meetings with Programme Board to advise on progress, clarify direction, validate assumptions and make pertinent decisions.

The Numbers

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