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Business Case Development

B+A recognises that an effective business case needs to be more than a document that reflects process and central guidance – it should bring to life the case for change and set out ambitious proposals for the future which are both deliverable, sustainable and affordable. The process includes defining the problem, highlighting what success looks like, considering the full range of potential options available and – through a robust process of objective analysis – identifying the best solution.

(Initial Agreement/SOC to Post Project Evaluation)

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In our experience, business case development often fails to set out a compelling future state which secures the buy in of stakeholders and often results in project delays, abortive work and poor medium and long-term decisions.

Our team are highly experienced in both the development and review of business cases. We add most value when engaged early in the process, ensuring not only that “due process” is followed, but also that the full range of potential solutions have been considered, including those that may have an operational rather than a wholly capital solution. This allows our clients to develop compelling proposals for change and investment that secure approval at the first time of asking.


Where business cases are more developed, we can provide critical friend review, advice and guidance.

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